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FRAMED PRINT SALE...Limited Time Only

Framed prints are now available on the SALE Page along with a few remaining discounted Concept prints.

Concept prints are printed on high quality photo paper and hand signed but may contain a printed title, black border instead of white, a minor imperfection, or a slight difference in color tone. Grab 'em cheap while they last.

Posted: Nov 20, 2011
New Island Panoramics...Final Touches


Posted: Oct 17, 2011
New Cape Cod Panoramic...Just Added


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June Art Show...LAND ESCAPES


New 3KOI Originals to be unvieled at The Great Room Gallery (aka The New Church) on the Common across the street from the Edwary Gorey House! The show will display several LARGE sized panoramics and will run from 6/23 - 6/30.

Opening Reception: Thursday • June 23 • 5:30pm - 8pm
266 Main St, Route 6a. Yarmouth Port, MA | View Map

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Looking Back

The last 2 years I spent my time oyster farming, land farming, restoring coastline, planting trees, driving cross country, and of course taking lots of photos. I plan on releasing new panoramics from my travels and keeping the site updated on a regular basis so keep checking back.

Posted: June 20, 2011    

Happy 2010...The Year We Make Contact
Posted: Jan 1, 2010    
CONCEPT PRINT SALE ...Limited Time Only

Conceptual prints are printed on high quality photo paper and hand signed but may contain a printed title, black border instead of white, a minor imperfection, or a slight difference in color tone. Grab 'em cheap while they last.

Posted: Nov 1, 2009
Wellfleet Oysterfest...Bring out the sunny Sky!

Saturday October 17 & 18 • 9am to 6pm
Support your local fisherman and stock up on world renowned oysters from the Wellfleet Aquafarm booth located in front of the main stage. Look for a large panoramic sign, bright orange hats, and remember...Tip Your Shuckers!

3KOI Panoramics on Display
I will have work on display next to the JUICE in the Jewelry Studio parking lot on Bank Street (1 block away from the annual Wellfleet Oysterfest!) Come out to support local artists and view these large scale cape cod landscapes in person and take advantage of special discounts! I will be selling framed prints and individual prints in tubes. | View Map

Posted: Oct 9, 2009     arrow Visit Oysterfest Website
Wellfleet Breakers Soccer Party & Fundraiser...3KOI Print up for raffle

Join the PARTY and support the wellfleet men's soccer team at our 1st annual fundraiser. $10 donation at the door. Food by the Flying Fish, drinks, 50/50 Drawing, and raffle prizes from local artisans, restaurants, and businesses. Music by: DJ Ryan and DJ Bling.

Wednesday • October 14 • 7pm to 11pm
The Wicked Oyster • 50 Main St. Wellfleet, MA 02667 | View Map

Additional donations and information contact:
Tony Conte (774) 722-2337

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The What Cheer? Brigade...Southern Tour Photo Gallery

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Currently Showing Work...Woods Hole + Wellfleet

panoramic tara jesse

Posted: July 28, 2009
The Road Continues...with The Band
 For two weeks I'll be joining Providence, Rhode Island's renegade marching band: THE WHAT CHEER? BRIGADE on their southern US tour. Acting as part driver, hat-man, bottler, merchandiser, documenter, and deer hunter dancer. I'll be following the 15+ band members tearing up the streets in Chattanooga, Atlanta, Pensacola, New Orleans, Little Rock, and ending at Perry Farrell's fabled Lollapalooza. It'll be a great opportunity to experience new venues and landscapes but the biggest challange will be attempting to capture the energy and ferocity this band produces in it's wake.

Posted: July 22, 2009     arrow Visit the What Cheer? Brigade Website
New Cape Cod Panoramics...Just Added


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Take The Online Tour of the Show!
 After much delay...The Traverse Art Show Walkthrough is finally here. Click the link below to view photos from the show.
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A Kingly Gift...The G10
 I bring you the Wideangle Powershot. A force to be reckoned with.
Posted: June 2, 2009    
AmeriCorps Cape Cod Commission...Completed


Posted: May 14, 2009     arrow Preview     arrow Detail
SHOW CLOSING PARTY @ farm...Saturday May 9th

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

TRAVERSE has been an amazing experience and a great success. The opening reception had a huge turn out and was a big ol' bucket of fun so we've decided to have a closing party. Light refreshments/snacks will be served along with discounts on select prints. Normal gallery hours (11-5pm) will be in effect through the weekend but saturday farm will remain open until 8pm to celebrate the final days of the show and bring the people together once again.

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Cape Cod Collection...3 New Panoramics


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farm location

Thanks to everyone that come out to make this a great event and especially all the people involved that helped make the show possible. Photos from the opening and new collection pieces coming soon. REMINDER: All the work will be on display until May 11th. Farm hours are Friday - Sunday from 11am - 5pm.

Or by appointment contact:
susie • 617-650-9800 • susie@farmisfarm.com
randall • 847-977-6285 • randallz@3koiphotography.com

Posted: Apr 12, 2009
3KOI Photography Art Show...TRAV-ERSE (v.)

We've got big plans and new panoramics to unveil for the opening @ farm to kick off a great season on the cape. If you're in the area, drop by to enjoy the festivities and experience these local landscapes in a new perspective. Those who can't make the opening the work will be on display until May 11th.

Opening Reception: Saturday • April 11 • 5pm - 9pm
at farm, 15 Commercial St. Wellfleet, MA 02667 | View Map

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3KOI POND Newsletter...Spring Equinox Edition

• Note from the 3KOI Creator
• 3KOI Photography Art Show Press Release

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Alternate Color Versions...Just Added

Posted: Feb 17, 2009       NOTE: Letters in the Item # represent alternate color versions. (Ex: 0805a, 0805b)     arrow View Sample
irvingparkstop   Currently visiting my old stomping grounds in hometown Chicago. Looking forward to getting back on Cape to prepare for the coming months full of surfing, skating, shooting, and showing new work.
Posted: Feb 10, 2009    
Vertical Collection...Just Added

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Autumn View, NY Commission...Completed


Posted: Jan 15, 2009     arrow Learn More about Commissioning a Panoramic  
IFAW: Dec. 25th Risso Dolphin Rescue...Wellfleet, MA / Indian Neck Beach


Posted: Jan 07, 2009
Happy New Year
Posted: Jan 1, 2009    

A Wedding Gift To Remember


Posted: Oct 25, 2008    arrow Preview    arrow Details
Wellfleet Oysterfest 2008

We'd like to thank everyone that stopped by our photo display and especially the "street team" who joined together to help setup. It was an amazing experience to see people drawn in by our work and their reactions to the large sized panoramics. We enjoyed talking about the different shots in our collections, the panoramic process, and appreciate all the praise. Unfortunately, due to high winds we only had the display up on Saturday, but rest assured, we'll be back next year with all new prints and custom crafts.

Posted: Oct 20, 2008 :: Photo by Kate Lynch
East Coast Commissions...Now Available

Currently documenting Cape Cod + Rhode Island: Have us capture and create a personal panoramic of the interior/exterior of your home, yard, or favorite landscape. For more information about commissioning a panoramic view the Custom page.

Posted: Sept 15, 2008    arrow View Services Page
Online Purchasing...Available

We're currently developing an online store to process orders directly through the 3KOI Photography website. In the interim we've set up an ORDER FORM to take payments through PayPal. It's a quick and easy process that has the benefit of not requiring an account sign-up for the buyer. For a walkthrough of the purchasing process view the PURCHASE page.

Posted: Sept 15, 2008    arrow View Purchase Page    arrow PayPal.com
Save on Prints...Purchase Bundles

Purchase ANY 3 small prints and save $50

Purchase ANY 2 medium prints and save $50

Posted: Sept 13, 2008
Wellfleet OYSTERFEST 2008 Update...Look for the Tubes


No "official" booth at Oysterfest but that wont stop us from bringing the work to the people. Keep your eyes peeled on the side streets (just outside the grounds) and you could end up taking home a beautiful panoramic from our Cape Cod Collection. If you spot someone carrying a black mailing tube (above) you should ask where our setup is located. We'll also be on the grounds handing out stickers with coupon codes for purchasing discounts. Hope to see you there and remember to tip your shuckers.

Saturday October 18th - 19th

Posted: Sept 12, 2008    arrow Oysterfest.com

After putting my efforts and resources into building the 3KOI COLLECTIVE and relocating to the East Coast...tragedy struck. Captain Tragedy. In the form of a lens error. I found myself on the edge of the world surrounded by breaking waves, national parks, shellfish, sand dunes, beautiful marshlands, black flies, and a broken camera.

I've sent Canon (whom I've been loyal to for many years) a letter to see what they can do to get me back on my feet. Hopefully they see the potential of the panoramics I've created with their cameras and propel me into a level of excellence by graciously choosing to upgrade my camera to the (much desired) PowerShot G10. Equipped with a wide-angle lens and waterproof case! Lets all focus our positive energy that Canon will perform such a wonderfully random act of kindness.

Posted: Sept 7, 2008    arrow Powershot G10 Website
Download Desktops + Promotion Materials

New DOWNLOADS page for visitors to display or print various 3KOI desktops, showcards, and sticker templates.

Posted: Aug 20, 2008
ON THE ROAD...East Coast Re-Visited

I'm currently stomping around Rhode Island and the Cape Cod area for the rest of the Summer and Fall. Focusing on re-documenting as much of the Cape as possible since it's exploding with natural diversity. This sliver of land is constantly changing for good and bad. The dunes erode a little more every year causing us to lose our national preserve one piece at a time.

The good news is that the entire landscape is tidal which is a photographers dream. The location you choose to shoot can look completely different in a matter of minutes so if the conditions and timing are right you can spend hours shooting without traveling more than a few feet.

Posted: Aug 15, 2008    arrow Cape Cod National Seashore Website
Chicago Lakefront Panoramic...Just Added


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Beverly Gardens Commission...Completed


Cape Cod, MA Collection #1...Released


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3KOI Creative is the online portfolio showcasing the creative efforts and design services of 3KOI Creator: Randall Zmed. Over 8 years experience, 3KOI Creative provides a wide variety of unique design solutions for any size or style of project. Specializing in logo development, web design, graphic design, touch-screen interface, and illustration.

Posted: April 1, 2008    arrow Visit 3KOICreative.com (Design Portfolio)
Block Island, RI Panoramic...Added


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Buckhorn State Park, WI Panoramic...Added


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Cape Cod, MA Collection...In-Progress

As soon as the site is fully polished with all the bells + whistles (and thoroughly browser checked)...I'll be uploading the latest and greatest from the East Coast archives. Full of swamps, dunes, whales, tidal flats, and surf beaches.

Posted: March 12, 2008    
3KOI Bids for Spot @ Wellfleet OYSTERFEST 2008...Shuck Up & Deal

If chosen...the 10x10 space may be a challenge (considering the scale of our work) but with the collaborative efforts of wellfleet's finest and 3KOI artist Agent Ash there shouldn't be anything to stop us from bringing the people a truly unique panoptic experience. Not only will there be Panoramics of all sizes and colors but several functional art pieces from the 3KOI + Look. Studios.

Saturday October 18th - 19th

Posted: March 12, 2008    arrow Oysterfest.com  
Breckenridge, CO Collection...Released


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3KOIPhotography.com (v1.1)...Launched


Posted: March 11, 2008

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